What We Do

FrontlineSMS:Legal helps our partners bridge the distance between communities and the legal services they need most, using low-cost mobile tools. FrontlineSMS:Legal develops and implements technologies that improve the delivery, reach, and efficiency of legal services by connecting formal systems with community based dispute resolution mechanisms. Our partners, including government agencies, not-for profit organizations, university law clinics, and other legal institutions, provide critical legal and dispute resolution services to marginalized communities. By bridging these systems, FrontlineSMS:Legal helps our partners reduce costs, reach new clients, and manage workflows, increasing access to justice.

How We Do It

FrontlineSMS:Legal designs and implements locally appropriate tools that enable legal service providers to leverage the sophisticated operations of laptops via low-cost mobile phones. FrontlineSMS:Legal tools combine customizable digital forms, case management software, and open source software, to provide several core functions. Our handheld tools empower users to remotely create digital legal records, automate client intake and management workflows, and extend information distribution. FrontlineSMS:Legal is committed to continually developing innovative products that deliver complementary features, such as mapping and MMS distribution, to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Why We Do It

We have all met someone, whether a parent or a local leader, who has gone above and beyond to help us solve a problem. In many parts of the world, local leaders are all that stand between order and violence. These people often put themselves at risk without the help, protection, or resources of formal legal systems. For the first time in history, that doesn’t have to be the case. With nearly 5 billion mobile phones on the globe, local leaders have an opportunity to access the legal systems and resources necessary to keep the peace. FrontlineSMS:Legal believes that mobile technologies can bridge the informal systems that make peace and the legal systems that keep it, improving access to justice for those that need it most.
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